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Photo © 2010 by Olga BelleMor

Model's Comments


 Comment by Spectator Gelena_Mogylewska -- Sep 13, 2010 (10:24)
I like the grass, it's so green.
I like the skin, it's so white.
I like the mood, it's so ehmm... utopian)

Ms. BelleMor, you're beautiful girl with the beautiful face. But your face has the same seductive expression, all the same one every work. Do with it smth else, pls, I believe you can more. Thanx
 Comment by Photographer Flex -- Sep 13, 2010 (12:34)
 Comment by Spectator veneficus -- Sep 16, 2010 (06:47)
Simple but it works with great detail
 Comment by Spectator SorrowScavenger -- Sep 17, 2010 (10:56)
Love the cold colors.
They really add to the expression and the whole feeling.