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Retouching video

Photo © 2009 by Lucie Kout

Author's Comments

shot I did to reveal the truth about retouching...

here is "making of" video

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 Comment by Photographer Kostas -- Sep 5, 2009 (09:33)
i checked the video, really cool) and you're really great at what you do
 Comment by Photographer LucieKout -- Sep 5, 2009 (10:11)
thank you Kostas, you are too kind :)
 Comment by Photographer Kostas -- Sep 5, 2009 (10:14)
well, sometimes :) you're welcome!
and i don't get this U-tube thing. i was trying to reply on your reply and it seems nothing happens, or i just don't see it :/
 Comment by Photographer LucieKout -- Sep 5, 2009 (19:16)
it`s an american invention see? :) Slavic people gets united ha!
 Comment is deleted
 Comment is deleted
 Comment by Photographer Kostas -- Sep 5, 2009 (19:31)
damn it, i fucked up with comments :/
but you're absolutely right! :)
btw i was writing:
"yeah well, that's great, i suck at taking perfect pictures) but i'm against rebuilding photos too. yet i just always find something i'd like to tweak a little. like if a girl is extremely thin i'd just enchance that effect, i don't know why) and i don't really know what else to add, you do a great job, although sometimes (like this one actually) i think you go a bit too far from reality. other than that you're effective and organized which i envy)"