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Subway Subduer I

Photo © 2009 by Arto Soini

Author's Comments


 Comment by Photographer _VAMPIdor_ -- Feb 21, 2009 (08:28)
what is the city?
 Comment by Photographer Nscaalcn -- Feb 21, 2009 (09:16)
It's in the image info... Helsinki. Quite easy actually, because there ain't subways in any other cities. ;)
 Comment by Photographer _VAMPIdor_ -- Feb 23, 2009 (21:11)
Sorry, I have not noticed. I do'nt know these details, unfortunately)))))
 Comment by Spectator Gelena_Mogylewska -- Jul 7, 2010 (07:11)
Helsinki!!! Se on niin mukava nähdä tämän kaupungin!

p.s. Rakastan Suomessa)