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Photo © 2008 by RetroAtelier.

Author's Comments


 Comment by Photographer Wagner -- Nov 24, 2008 (11:11)
Альма-Тадема! ах, спасибо за сказззку!
 Comment by Model Klodi -- Dec 2, 2008 (20:48)
 Comment by Model Kle0 -- Dec 22, 2008 (13:07)
это божественно!!!
 Comment by Spectator Gelena_Mogylewska -- Jul 26, 2010 (07:31)
It couldn't be better!!

Everything is so exciting, I'm speechless!

The character is so decisive unless there's inner strife between love and hate. The weather accompanies the model in her apprehensions perfectly.
And... colors! Oh, these magic colors...

Yeah, it couldn't be better...