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Saint Catherine of Alexandria

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Saint Catherine of Alexandria

When Catherine was a young woman of 18 years
she attracted the attention of the Roman Emperor Maxentius,
not for her remarkable beauty and outstanding intelligence but
because she made a public point of protesting against the worship
of idols. At one time she is said to have so ably defended her beliefs that
she perplexed 50 of the Emperor's philosophers in a theological debate.
Maxentius proposed marriage to Catherine, but she refused. As a result
she was beaten for 2 hours, imprisoned, and finally tied to a spikes
"Catherine" wheel.
The wheel miraculously shattered and the 200 soldiers who were
watching promptly converted. In a rage Maxentius had them all
massacred along with Catherine.It is said that at her death milk
flowed from her severed arteries. Since pre-Christian times,
,ilk has been a symbol of fertility, nutrition, and healing and
has been used most significantly in the image of the Virgin Mary
feeding the Christ child.


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