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Photo © 2007 by Mark Warlock

Author's Comments

I was feeling guilty about not having posted for so long, so I thought I'd share another shot from the lovely Ava's Gallery.

I'm having a hard time finding photos worthy of the company here, for the talent here is wonderful indeed. :)

I hope you enjoy.


 Comment by Photographer Kostas -- Jan 1, 2007 (15:31)
i'm enjoying it, thank you :) great body and interesting lighting. the background looks a little unnatural though.
glad to see you didn't forget about us and that you're so concerned about quality. i guess that's what this site is really about, to improve our skills and perception of art in a company of other artists. hope to see more from you. and have a great year!
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 Comment by Photographer Warlock -- Jan 1, 2007 (15:44)
Interesting comment about the background. I tend to shoot against a black backdrop, with the concentration being on the model rather than the environment. It can make the model look a little lost in space, though.

Unfortunately, I don't have the resources to place every model in a Victorian parlour or boudiour, which would be my preference. ;)

A note on the model: she is 6'3". Remarkable proportions for a model so tall.

I hope to post more in the year to come. I hope you continue to enjoy. :)
 Comment by Photographer Kostas -- Jan 1, 2007 (15:48)
wow, she's tall alright! really remarkable. as for the background, i guess you're right. it looks unnatural because she's so well-lit and the background is pitch-black.