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Without You I'm Nothing !

Photo © 2008 by zyryel

Model's Comments

So many people didn't understand the message in this picture, it's so easy: Protec You When You Have Sex !!!!!!!!!!!!


 Comment by Spectator Strange_Emily -- Apr 27, 2008 (15:51)
amazing work!!
I have nothung to say - it's just perfect!
 Comment by Photographer Kostas -- Apr 27, 2008 (17:40)
i like such images, simple and clear. that doesn't mean the idea is simple. i'd never guess about safe sex message ;)
 Comment by Photographer Flex -- Oct 16, 2008 (12:04)
 Comment by Photographer toxygene -- Nov 28, 2008 (13:09)
wow! your picture is neighbor of my work in alufem magazin, nice to meet u)
love it)
 Comment by Spectator MaD -- Jan 29, 2010 (10:23)
ew! that is awesome :)