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Imminent Sinners

Photo © 2011 by Konstantin Alexandroff

Author's Comments

a part of bigger series, which i'm not sure i'm going to show.

to all religious people: it's not a church, it's a movie props

to all anti-religious people: no, we haven't burned it down


 Comment by Photographer hellmet -- Dec 19, 2011 (19:25)
why not?
nice photo btw.
 Comment by Photographer Kostas -- Dec 19, 2011 (19:56)
well, i don't even know where i can put the series with mature content) i know i can put files anywhere but that'd be lame. i'll think about it. and thanks!
 Comment by Photographer hellmet -- Dec 19, 2011 (19:58)
blogspot have that option if I remember right
 Comment by Spectator lordchimera -- Dec 30, 2011 (09:50)
Good thinking... .
 Comment by Photographer ArtMoon -- Jan 16, 2012 (10:17)
Imo amazing work.