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Mind In Ruins

Photo © 2011 by Konstantin Alexandroff

Author's Comments

we were at this great place, old and abandoned, some rooms without floors, some doors leading nowhere.


 Comment by Model Lestaty -- May 2, 2011 (15:51)
nice place. I love this place.
where is it?
 Comment by Photographer Kostas -- May 2, 2011 (16:28)
old half-ruined building near Moscow, unfortunately i don't know its history but it's beautiful indeed.
 Comment by Spectator Bern -- May 7, 2011 (12:49)
Tá sé go hálainn, maise. Is maith liom do bean, go hiontach.
Go raigh maigh agat
 Comment by Spectator danpekr1857 -- May 2, 2011 (18:10)
The model is beautiful, needs a little more goth.
 Comment by Model Galran -- Feb 26, 2012 (15:02)
Amazing model! And the thing we see it means that photographer is good too;))