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Photo © 2010 by Lucretia

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Despair (2010)

Photo by Wolf (
Idea - Lucretia
Location: Kiev, Pozniaki

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 Comment by Spectator Gelena_Mogylewska -- Oct 13, 2010 (02:24)
Yep, I love it!

Really good work - emotive, persuasive and hm... interactive. I mean I've got a presence effect, like you're really next to me ^_^

But please, bigger size!
Yes, bigger size is wanted, desired and demanded!
Upload it if possible
 Comment by Model Lucretia -- Oct 13, 2010 (10:05)
thanx a lot, dear ^_^
I will, I promise. I'll upload it specially for you to my deviantart and I'll leave answer to your comment here once again with link :)
thanks )