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v2 is here for everybody!

News Submitted by Photographer Kostas -- Oct 17, 2010 (18:52)  --  Public & Members
Good news everyone!

Beta-testing went pretty well and now it's time to switch to the new version. I want to thank again all the people who helped me with the testing!

Now, to highlight some of the changes and reasons behind them:


One of the weak sides of was communication. Messaging system wasn't easy to work with, messages got lost, automatic popups were blocked by anti-ads software and modern browsers, etc.

Now with the new Conversations area it's easy to track all the messages. And no more automatic popups.

Additionally, on your dialog form you can use Ctrl-Enter to send message, no need to actually click "Send", just like with any normal IM.


Since the initial launch of internet community became much more organized. Social networks gathered a lot of people. It's not about individual sites anymore, now it's all about sharing, information travels much faster. To support this speed we added new options for sharing with all the popular social networks.


Serious internet browsing with your mobile phone five years ago was a joke. Now there're tons of new powerful toys on the market: smartphones, ipads, netbooks, etc. They all have their differences and we're trying to make look great no matter what device you're using.

Additionally, knowing many people use 3g/gprs internet connections, we did a lot of work to minimize the loading time.


A long-awaited feature. Now you can search through the thousands of images using words or phrases.

Obsolete things are obsolete

Not really a feature, more like an anti-feature but for a good cause. A great effort has been made to make v2 look good on Internet Explorer 6 and it does look and act practically the same, but some things aren't exactly right and we're highly encourage you to upgrade to practically anything else! We will try to support IE6 as long as possible but officially we can't promise anything.

So, I hope you'll enjoy the new version. And we'll continue to work on some really cool new features, including totally new design/layout!



 Comment by Photographer mojokiss -- Mar 4, 2011 (19:40)
Excelent. I like it here.
 Comment by Spectator Qfreak69 -- Jul 10, 2011 (19:51)
when never I try to go to another persons's profile the site takes me to a search page with on it. What can I do to fix this problem?
 Comment by Photographer Kostas -- Jul 11, 2011 (02:07)
interesting. what browser (and what version) do you use? if this happens only on then it's most likely site problems.
 Comment by Spectator Qfreak69 -- Jul 11, 2011 (22:01)
yes, it only happens of, when never I try to go to any other psge it take me to this url:,
I don't understand, I never had this problem before. I use windowsxp sp3 on both of my computers and it do the same thing. Can we fix it?
 Comment by Spectator Qfreak69 -- Jul 31, 2011 (15:50)
IE and XP SP3. still doing it ., Kostas, only on