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News Submitted by Photographer Kostas -- Apr 25, 2009 (23:45)  --  Public & Members
Hello Angels!

I haven't posted any news in a while, shame on me. But I'm not really a people person, some of you know that, and there's too much going on. Trying to catch up with everything.
It makes me happy to see the community active. Seeing creative works from our talented photographers and models gives me much joy and inspiration. And we're growing! Not too fast perhaps but we had chosen quality over quantity from the beginning.
Thank you for all your support and everything you do!

What happens next?

We've collected all your wishes and dreams about the future of DirtyAngels.Net. And most of them will come true!
Unfortunately, it's impossible to make it happen just by improving current site. So we're making a brand new one! And the development is going well. If you worry about 'a brand new' thing - don't, all your profiles, photos, journals etc. will be moved to the new site.
As the development goes, your input is still very important. Feel free to share all your ideas, no matter how crazy and impossible they may sound. Reasonable ones are welcome too)

See you soon!



 Comment by Photographer Parlami -- Apr 26, 2009 (04:30)
Good Luck to us, I mean!
 Comment by Photographer Kostas -- Apr 26, 2009 (07:01)
yeah, i hope you won't have to wait for too long
 Comment by Model Belle_Morte -- Apr 26, 2009 (06:13)
я всех люблю!!!!))))
 Comment by Photographer Kostas -- Apr 26, 2009 (07:04)
теперь все знают)
я тоже люблю, но не признаюсь)
 Comment by Model Belle_Morte -- Apr 26, 2009 (07:06)
черт я самопал и флудер еще к тому же...мм)))
 Comment by Photographer Kostas -- Apr 26, 2009 (07:44)
но тебя всё равно все любят)
 Comment by Photographer Flex -- Apr 27, 2009 (04:04)
интересно подробности )
 Comment by Photographer Kostas -- Apr 27, 2009 (04:54)
уже обсуждаем)
потом буду отдельными новостями кидать по ходу разработки
 Comment by Photographer Nscaalcn -- Apr 27, 2009 (06:32)
Thanks for the heads up. Lookin' forward to the new improved site! :)
 Comment by Photographer Kostas -- Apr 27, 2009 (07:16)
sure, no problem, that's my duty) when there're no updates for a long time, people start to think nothing's going on.
 Comment by Model Amber -- May 17, 2009 (19:52)
черт, неужели обязательно надо писать на английском?))
 Comment by Photographer Kostas -- May 17, 2009 (20:23)
новости - да, т.к. сайт международный (и смотрят в основном те кто русский не знает), остальным можно использовать любой язык. но вообщем я постараюсь облегчить и эту проблему.
 Comment by Model Amber -- May 20, 2009 (10:46)
чо, американцев больше чем русских? а если постить на 2х языках?
 Comment by Photographer Kostas -- May 20, 2009 (11:04)
ну да, американцев больше) а на 2-х языках можно, я пытался так делать, но это тоже не очень удобно и красиво. инглиш он как бы объединяющий такой.
 Comment by Photographer NecraniaChmurella -- Nov 18, 2011 (17:10)
Please delete my profile, I want to leave this site!