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  Submitted by Spectator Geoffspix to forum "Discussing DirtyAngels.Net" -- May 30, 2011 (05:54)
Hello everyone, after visiting this site many times...due to the fact I think the photography here is awesome...I have finally signed up as a spectator.
What confuses me though is whenever I go onto a members portfolio, I can't see any images beyond their front page? All I'm greeted with is a blank box with a red cross in the top corner.
Are the images blocked or am I doing something wrong?



 Comment by Photographer Kostas -- May 31, 2011 (14:14)
that's not how it should be of course. could you please specify which pages with that behavior? also, screenshot would be even better.
 Comment by Spectator Geoffspix -- May 31, 2011 (19:36)
Well what happens is this...when I click on a picture in any of the main galleries, the image does open up?
But when I click to view more of that persons work, their gallery page opens up but that's when all I get is the blank box with the red cross inside :(
 Comment by Photographer Kostas -- Jun 1, 2011 (08:39)
i don't think we've ever encountered this. what type of device and browser you use?
 Comment by Spectator Geoffspix -- Jun 1, 2011 (15:22)
Hello again, I'm using Windows Vista (operating system) and Internet Explorer (browser)

Could you please tell me how I can contact the admin, maybe they can sort things out?
 Comment by Photographer Kostas -- Jun 1, 2011 (19:23)
i am the admin, that's why i'm so curious. and i should've guessed it's another problem with IE (sigh). should be fixed now, but let me know if some pages/links still act/look weird.
 Comment by Spectator Geoffspix -- Jun 3, 2011 (11:59)
Sorry for not getting back until now, I've not had a lot of chance to take a good look around as yet....although things do seem to be working fine at the moment :)

Thanks very much for all your help, it's very kind of you!

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