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100 photos limit

  Submitted by Photographer Snail000 to forum "Discussing DirtyAngels.Net" -- Mar 11, 2011 (11:21)
How critical this limit (100 photos), and is there any possibility, to escape this?


 Comment by Photographer Kostas -- Mar 11, 2011 (20:22)
This is not a technical issue (not anymore at least). The limit's there to help members to rethink what they do as artists, to keep their portfolios dynamic and quality oriented.
It is not critical but I believe it's important, it's a part of the initial concept behind the site.

But yes, it can be altered, in fact the limit is customizable per member. If you truly believe that all your works are equally valuable then I could double (for example) the limit threshold. But the limit will remain anyway.