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Imaj of decay

Photo Submitted by Photographer Warlock -- Feb 25, 2007 (04:49)
"Imaj of decay" by Warlock Model: Imaj
Make-up Artist: Imaj
Location: DarkVisions

This is a little photo-manip of the undead bride "Imaj" from the band Legless.
Given the similarity of her name and "image", I thought the title appropriate. ;)

Nurse Ra

Photo Submitted by Photographer Warlock -- Jan 4, 2007 (12:20)
"Nurse Ra" by Warlock Model: Nurse Ra
Make-up Artist: Nurse Ra
Location: DarkVisions

This is one of a series of promo shots for the Adelaide-based band Legless


Photo Submitted by Photographer Warlock -- Jan 1, 2007 (15:13)
"Draped" by Warlock Model: Ava
Make-up Artist: Ava
Location: DarkVisions

I was feeling guilty about not having posted for so long, so I thought I'd share another shot from the lovely Ava's Gallery.

I'm having a hard time finding photos worthy of the company here, for the talent here is wonderful indeed. :)

I hope you enjoy.


Journal Submitted by Photographer Warlock -- Oct 10, 2006 (11:21)
Well, the wonderful Kostas has given us a new place to play and I'm in the process of exploring. I'm afraid I have little to post just now that is not already on-line at DeviantArt, but once I have some time, and finish my exploring, I aim to put up some more pics.
For the moment, all I have up is "Thoughtful". I hope you like it.

Mood: Exploratory
Music: NIN


Photo Submitted by Photographer Warlock -- Oct 10, 2006 (11:13)
"Thoughtful" by Warlock Model: Ava
Make-up Artist: Ava
Location: DarkVisions

Dark Visions of the lovely Ava.
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