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Everything of my Nothing

Journal Submitted by Photographer Lialia_De_Mented -- Feb 26, 2009 (12:01)
sorry, пришлось убрать.

Into the Twilight

Photo Submitted by Photographer Lialia_De_Mented -- Dec 28, 2008 (14:45)
"Into the Twilight" by Lialia_De_Mented Model: me
Location: Ufa

photo by Leonid

просто так, вдруг захотелось себя добавить

Saint Catherine of Alexandria

Photo Submitted by Photographer Lialia_De_Mented -- Oct 14, 2008 (22:48)
"Saint Catherine of Alexandria" by Lialia_De_Mented Model: Kamilla
Make-up Artist: me
Location: Ufa

Saint Catherine of Alexandria

When Catherine was a young woman of 18 years
she attracted the attention of the Roman Emperor Maxentius,
not for her remarkable beauty and outstanding intelligence but
because she made a public point of protesting against the worship
of idols. At one time she is said to have so ably defended her beliefs that
she perplexed 50 of the Emperor's philosophers in a theological debate.
Maxentius proposed marriage to Catherine, but she refused. As a result
she was beaten for 2 hours, imprisoned, and finally tied to a spikes
"Catherine" wheel.
The wheel miraculously shattered and the 200 soldiers who were
watching promptly converted. In a rage Maxentius had them all
massacred along with Catherine.It is said that at her death milk
flowed from her severed arteries. Since pre-Christian times,
,ilk has been a symbol of fertility, nutrition, and healing and
has been used most significantly in the image of the Virgin Mary
feeding the Christ child.

Saint Ursula

Photo Submitted by Photographer Lialia_De_Mented -- Sep 12, 2008 (18:15)
"Saint Ursula" by Lialia_De_Mented Model: Natalie Amoris
Make-up Artist: Umbra
Location: Ufa

According to a legend that appeared in the tenth century,
Ursula was the daughter of a Christian king in Britain and was granted
a three year postponement of a marriage she did not wish, to a pagan prince.
With ten ladies in waiting, each attended by a thousand maidens, she embarked on
a voyage across the North sea, sailed up the Rhine to Basle,
Switzerland, and then went to Rome. On their way back
they were all massacred by pagan Huns at Cologne in about 451 when Ursula
refused to marry their chieftain.

+10, ледяной ветер и неприкращающийся
дождь... а модель стоит в окрававленной шелковой ночнушке...
жесть :)
нет-нет, я всеравно не возвращаюсь... просто на фотосайте мне еще несколько дней джать пока лимит отступит)

The Great Below

Photo Submitted by Photographer Lialia_De_Mented -- Aug 31, 2008 (21:01)
"The Great Below" by Lialia_De_Mented Model: Umbra
Make-up Artist: Kotenka
Location: damned middle of the storm and rain :(

"...the currents have their say
the time is drawing near
washes me away
makes me disappear

and I descend from grace
in arms of undertow
I will take my place
in the great below...." (c) NIN - The Great Below

нет, я сюда не возвращаюсь, это просто одна фотография

кто ищет)

Journal Submitted by Photographer Lialia_De_Mented -- May 12, 2008 (17:17)
найдете тут :)

извините, нет желания фоткать оголенные телеса с идеей показать телеса....
нет студии, нет камеры ценой в несколько десятков, нет красного шелка и т.д.
мне тут с каждым днем в неуютнее...
я не умею фоткать сиськи :)))

хыхы :)

Journal Submitted by Photographer Lialia_De_Mented -- May 11, 2008 (14:15)
вы заметили как много тут заметных людей с никами на букву "К" ?))
это наверна волшебная буква))


Photo Submitted by Photographer Lialia_De_Mented -- Apr 21, 2008 (15:42)
"Ophelia" by Lialia_De_Mented Model: Kotenka
Make-up Artist: Umbra
Location: my bathroom :)

thnx a lot to Kotenka !


Photo Submitted by Photographer Lialia_De_Mented -- Apr 6, 2008 (16:50)
"Mirror" by Lialia_De_Mented Model: Mademoiselle Poupee

mirror, mirror on the wall................... :D

Shutting up like a telescope....

Photo Submitted by Photographer Lialia_De_Mented -- Mar 20, 2008 (17:31)
"Shutting up like a telescope...." by Lialia_De_Mented Model: IrmaVep
Make-up Artist: Lana

"How funny !" she said, "I think I'm shutting up like a telescope." (c)
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