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Deafs (a new video with Budnik)

Journal Submitted by Photographer Kostas -- Dec 20, 2010 (07:59)

New video feature - Budnik

Journal Submitted by Photographer Kostas -- May 1, 2010 (15:24)

New video feature - Julchen

Journal Submitted by Photographer Kostas -- Feb 16, 2010 (06:34)


Journal Submitted by Photographer Kostas -- Mar 14, 2008 (13:02)
я периодически буду фотографировать. обращайтесь кому интересно. на условиях тфп возможно только ню. приличное и уважительное обращение обещаю)

а вообще, вот здесь все подробности.

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Journal Submitted by Photographer Kostas -- Jan 17, 2008 (15:49)
ну вот, в один вечер спустили с первого места на третье, какая досада)

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miserable update

Journal Submitted by Photographer Kostas -- Oct 17, 2007 (16:50)
still working on Forum. damn it, where the hell does all the time go?!

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going to Kiev

Journal Submitted by Photographer Kostas -- Oct 5, 2007 (07:44)
it's already raining here in Moscow, and it's pretty cold too, so i'm making my final travel this year. and it's going to be Kiev. i wanted to visit it for some time and now i'm going to do it. my dear celebration generously accepted my worthless company. we are leaving Moscow on 11th of October. we'll be back next Monday. with a lot of pictures on my photobank hopefully.

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Journal Submitted by Photographer Kostas -- Aug 30, 2007 (12:55)
I'm off for Minsk for 3 days. be good!

DeviantArt at its best!

Journal Submitted by Photographer Kostas -- Jun 29, 2007 (16:51)
DeviantArt staff removed one of my photo, again.
this time it was "A Failure" with Azera. the reason: self-injury, as always.
self-injury my ass!
this is one of the reasons Dirty Angels was created.

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Collaboration with Celebration and Lulla

Journal Submitted by Photographer Kostas -- Oct 23, 2006 (11:42)
it was really an interesting shooting we had this sunday.

i think i'll write more later but right now i have to run again.

i just wanted to thank again beautiful and enthusiastic Celebration and really skilled Lulla (beautiful as well) for making all these photographs possible. one of these shots is in my gallery. others will arrive soon)

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Recent shoot with Chara

Journal Submitted by Photographer Kostas -- Oct 10, 2006 (05:59)
i had a great time shooting Chara this sunday. i wish i could say that it was the first cooperation here at Dirty Angels but i'm afraid Wagner and Cleo were faster, argh! :)

as for Chara, her bravery and her devotion to photography was a good inspiration. not to mention she's a pleasant person and model to work with. her idea with candles turned out quite well. and what an experience for both of us! i hope the hot wax wasn't that bad ;)

anyway, feel free to check on our galleries. your opinions are criticism are welcome.

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wow, first day is done!

Journal Submitted by Photographer Kostas -- Oct 2, 2006 (21:19)
well, it wasn't that bad at all. a few flaws here and there but i expected much more.

i'm really happy to see this site finally working, used by others. makes me feel a lot better now, after all these month of creating SOMETHING for SOMEBODY. i feel relieved. it looks like it was a good idea after all to create a site :)

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