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Pink Pinup

Photo Submitted by Model FoxxyAngel -- Apr 18, 2010 (08:38)
"Pink Pinup" by FoxxyAngel Photographer: Sarah Pictures
Make-up Artist: Foxxy
Location: Netherlands

Clothing by Absolute Danny


Journal Submitted by Model FoxxyAngel -- Nov 11, 2009 (14:50)
So ... I'm finally recovered from yesterday.
Now I hear you thinking: What was yesterday?
I will tell you :P

Mondaynight Rick of EC Entertainment called me because he needed a model the next day.
He couldn't reach the booked model, so he wanted me to do it.
I had to cast 4 new models and they recorded it for me, to put it on my websites.
And the best part of it was: During one of the castings "Spuiten and Slikken" of BNN (a Dutch TV shows) was at the set to report about the casting.

Tuesday morning Rick and model Rico picked me up in Haarlem and we drove together to the Showboat, where the shoots would take place.
Now I know the Showboat, I've been there a few times during Manita's Fetish, and BDSM Play Party.
But what did it look different now.
However a great looking club!
After a first drink, I'm getting ready for the first casting.
When I was ready, they already started and Rico's being interviewed.
Then we got below deck and we did the hardcore scene.
Like always I was squirting, but Zarayda (of BNN) said she was a bit shocked by it.
For me it is quite normal, but I understand that most people are surprised when they have never seen it before.

We ate a sandwich and then it was already time for the next casting.
We had a nice script: I was having an appointment with a masseuse, Tico and he gave me a special treatment.
It was the first time he did a shoot, but he did it like a pro.
Porn a la Rocco, my favorite!

It was already evening and we decided to take a bite to eat and we ordered food at the Spareribs Express.
Delicious salmon was my choice and the rest ordered spareribs.
Meanwhile Mark Newhard came in and it was nice to finally meet the face behind the Tweets ;-)

After dinner we did the final casting with Mark, who wants to rent the sm studio for a party.
When he told what he wants to do with it, I was horny and he as well.
What happened next you will see at my website.

After a long day (almost 12 hours), I was on my way back home around 22.30.
The tv-show of BNN will be broadcasted at November 22, but I keep you informed of the exact time;)

Mood: pleased

With Anna Rose for Alterpic

Photo Submitted by Model FoxxyAngel -- Mar 21, 2009 (09:47)
"With Anna Rose for Alterpic" by FoxxyAngel Photographer: Uwe Rose
Other Model: Anna Rose

Dark Angel

Photo Submitted by Model FoxxyAngel -- Jan 13, 2009 (22:03)
"Dark Angel" by FoxxyAngel Photographer: Digital Extreem
Location: Amsterdam

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