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Photo Submitted by Model Fomhoire -- Jan 17, 2010 (12:47)
"Ravage" by Fomhoire Photographer: Bruce Jorgenson
Make-up Artist: Fomhorie
Location: WA


Photo Submitted by Model Fomhoire -- Sep 22, 2008 (20:59)
"unseen" by Fomhoire Photographer: brett king
Location: brookvale

plaing in masks is always fun


Journal Submitted by Model Fomhoire -- Aug 17, 2008 (11:51)
i am currently looking for two things
one sydney gothic models who will join the colaboration for my fashion lables current collection in progress ahoot
TFCD + possible original garment arangement, the shoot is looking to be in january at this stage all going to plan in the sample production - unless specific must have model is found womens garments will run in a size 8 and mens in 34's and M
colaboration already has one male model , and makeup artist
and myself will model and i have one other female so far

am looking for another male model and 2-3 more girls ,and a photographer that is happy to join the creation ,

photos will eventually be used to launch my fashion label and so an arangement of leeking the images in other media will be dicussed , and so payment is also on the cards , editing must be overseen by myself and images watermarked with the fomhoire lable

the second thing i am looking for is some awesome underground , alternative shoots , paid but TFCD can be negotiated


Photo Submitted by Model Fomhoire -- Aug 17, 2008 (11:30)
"pierce" by Fomhoire Make-up Artist: Fomhorie


Photo Submitted by Model Fomhoire -- Jun 4, 2008 (09:48)
"stalker" by Fomhoire Photographer: sydney leek
Other Model: fomhoire
Make-up Artist: Fomhorie
Location: tambourine bay

the edit job on these shots came up brilliant

machenical grave yard

Photo Submitted by Model Fomhoire -- Jun 4, 2008 (08:50)
"machenical grave yard" by Fomhoire Photographer: warren brown,theharlequinsmask
Make-up Artist: Fomhorie

some awesome australian bush goth shoot with theharlequinsmask


Photo Submitted by Model Fomhoire -- Jun 1, 2008 (09:38)
"dungon" by Fomhoire Photographer: binky photography
Make-up Artist: Fomhorie

most recent shoot -

moon lit hateful soul

Photo Submitted by Model Fomhoire -- Jun 1, 2008 (08:38)
"moon lit hateful soul" by Fomhoire Photographer: sydney leek
Make-up Artist: Fomhorie
Location: tambourine bay

quick but awesome shoot with syd leek


Photo Submitted by Model Fomhoire -- Jun 1, 2008 (04:53)
"angeliunsnow" by Fomhoire Photographer: paul wesley
Make-up Artist: Fomhorie

cool paint shoot recently

disposable fashion

Photo Submitted by Model Fomhoire -- May 31, 2008 (08:09)
"disposable fashion" by Fomhoire Photographer: mastertouch, peter stanton
Make-up Artist: Fomhorie

shoot with mastertouch involving selin wrap
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