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Introducing Myself

Journal Submitted by Model Delilah -- Jan 5, 2008 (07:17)
Hello. I have just joined and I thought an introduction would be good.

I am Delilah and, among all of the other things, I do also work as an alternative model :) so here I am.

I stumbled upon this website by accident some time ago and I liked the philosophy of it and all of the great talents showcasing here. I see the admins put much effort in trying to keep the quality level above standards, compared to many other similar communities, and they are doing a great work.

I will probably not use this journal, as I already own one and it's located at LiveJournal [] but no harm done I guess :)

Oh, one last note: pretty pretty please, speak either Italian or English to me. I noticed many of you are from Russia, and I'm afraid to say my Russian skills aren't good enough ;)

Thank you for your time. Happy 2008 Everyone ;)



Mood: creative
Music: Enslavement of Beauty - Dainty Delusive Doll


Voodoo Pensaci Tu!

Photo Submitted by Model Delilah -- Sep 5, 2009 (18:15)
"Voodoo Pensaci Tu!" by Delilah Photographer: Delilah

Voodoo Doll by
Photo/Model: Delilah

Print available.
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